92. Come what may


I’m writing these words whilst sitting at the dining room table in Jersey girl’s house. Yes, I have arrived in New Jersey. The long and often arduous process which got us both to this point is now largely – though, not yet completely – behind us.

I simply cannot express the emotions involved in typing the paragraph above. We have waited so long for those words to be true and not just some expression of hope. And now, at last, they are true – I am here.

I have left job, family, and home. I have travelled with all I have to my name contained in just four very heavy bags and landed safely – if somewhat dazed –  into my new country.

Over the last couple of weeks in Melbourne I found out exactly how loved I was by friends and family. This made my last days in Australia bittersweet as I realised just how much I would miss certain folk.

I also found out exactly who amongst my friends were actually mere acquaintances in disguise. That too was a valuable lesson.

So now I am home. I sit here in this pretty house surrounded by the last snows of the season a very large dog curled at my feet. The day is cold but bright and the house lays silent. I have walked the youngest to school and waved Jersey girl off to work. The place is mine for the next few hours. I’ll probably spend several of those hours sleeping, as jetlag is still weighing on my eyelids.

Yesterday we loaded the kids into the car and drove over to the lake. It’s one of our favourite spots and I wanted to see (and photograph) the valley under snow before it was all gone.













As expected, the place was magical and the perfect setting for this first day of our new life as a family.

It has been a long, insanity-inducing journey which has led up to this moment. There were times both of us thought it was never going to happen but our faith in each other kept the madness at bay – well, mostly.

Now, all our days together are stretched out before us. We have absolutely no idea what comes next. All we can say for certain is that, come what may, we will face it together.

Words and images are my own.


91. Who will I become in the USA?

Going home.jpg

What is this land of America, so many travel there
I’m going now while I’m still young, my darling meet me there
Wish me luck my lovely, I’ll send for you when I can
And we’ll make our home in the American land

Springsteen, American land

A day I had almost believed I would never see has finally arrived. My trip to the US Consulate in Sydney was the final flaming hoop (of many) in this bureaucratic circus act I’ve been performing in for nigh on a year now.

After an unpleasant interview (more about which I will be writing in the near future) I have received my visa to travel to America and marry my Jersey girl.

I have my arrival date and the tickets are paid for but I will not be sharing that here just yet. There is a spy in the house of love, a dirty POS who would love nothing more than to get a hold of that particular piece of information so as to find some way to ‘spannerize’ our special moment.

All that you, dear reader, need know for now is that we will soon be together under the same roof with no end date hanging over our heads like that thread-hung sword of old.

I’d like to take this opportunity to offer my heartfelt thanks to all of you who have taken an interest in our little star-crossed (until now) love story. You have given more solace in the darker times than you know.

The story will continue, if in a slightly different form. You will get to experience my new homeland through my newcomer’s eyes. I will continue to take copious photographs and wax lyrical about all things Bruceland. And there’s the wedding of course.

I hope you can stick around to share the love. It wouldn’t quite be the same without you.

Words and image are my own.