97. Straight to you




I travelled 16,618 km (103256 miles) to be with my wife. At least, that is the distance, as the crow flys, between Melbourne Australia and New Jersey. Of course, I made the trip five times before that final permanent one. Five times both ways; 166,180 km plus the final trip bringing the total to 182,798 km or 113,585.411 miles.

Any way you cut it, that’s a lot of travel hours; a lot of time spent jammed into undersized airplane seats listening to babies cry and people snore, a lot of time dashing through strange airports trying not to miss my connection, a lot of time being irradiated in body scanners and harangued by the TSA.

Add to that the heartbreaking farewells at the end of each of those five visits and the weeks of depression once I’d returned to Melbourne and the whole thing feels a little Homerespue; at the very least, it is an epic(ish) poem of devotion and unflagging determination.

Was it worth it? Was all the lost sleep, longing, anxiety, and sheer discomfort worth the final reward?


Jersey girl and I recently passed the one year mark in our real life together. One year living under the same roof. One year living as a family. It has been challenging, rewarding, vexing, and, at times, downright confusing but mostly it has felt like home. We live well together. Our chemistry has survived close and prolonged proximity. If there was a honeymoon period, it is still very much in effect.

I wake up every day and thank the universe for this woman with whom I now share my world. She has shown me what true love and devotion really are.

And my new adopted country?

America, much to my surprise has become a strange fascination to me. I have felt myself falling in love with her too. Her seasons, her moods, her people, and her beating heart (New York) have captured me in ways and with an intensity, I never would have guessed could happen to me.

There is a feeling that anything is possible here, that you might discover who you truly are as this vast melting pot of ideas and cultures reflects your persona, your mask, back at you. America will not let you hide from your true self. She demands that you simply be – you.

Challenge accepted.







Yes, I know, I haven’t been around much lately. I’m bummed about that and I’ve been missing you guys more than I care to admit (so how’s it been going, anyway?) but I’ve had my reasons for being an absentee blogger. I’m currently just a couple of weeks out from my last Immigration interview (the one that determines if the relationship is real and if I get to stay)*.

I’m not too worried about it as there is ample evidence that my marriage to Jersey girl is anything but a sham but I have inadvertently forgotten, in the year I’ve been here, to get the required vaccinations and now I have to get them all done in a rush. My own silly fault.

The other thing that’s been eating up my available time is working on my graphic novel project (I mentioned this in a previous post). A large part of the reason it’s taking so much of my time is that I’ve had to teach myself how to draw with a digital pad in Photoshop. This has proven a steep learning curve and there simply hasn’t been much time left over for things like the blog.

Anyway, I thought you might like to see some of what I’ve been working on (since I can’t keep mentioning something and not actually produce some kind of evidence that it’s, in fact, a real thing).

Am I one hundred percent happy with it? Er, no. All I seem to see are the flaws but I’m persevering and it’s just nice to be drawing regularly again. I haven’t done that for years and people are always on at me to get back to it. I just wish I liked the end result a little more. Ah, well, there’s always room for improvement.



Cavalier cover
This image is a mock-up of a potential cover. The figure was a line scan of hand-drawn artwork coloured in Photoshop. I was still using the mouse to paint with at this point so it’s a little basic.



This image represents a huge leap for me. This is the first one I created entirely ‘in program’ using a digital drawing pad. The background is just a placeholder from one of my photographs.



I’m relatively happy with this full-page image of a vanquished officer.



This is a panel from the first page of the book. Environments are the biggest challenge for me, I’m learning it’s all about patience.


So, that’s what I’ve been up to these past few weeks. It’s been quite good fun pushing myself well beyond my usual comfort zone. Hopefully, one day in the not too distant future, I’ll have a completed book to show for it.


*If you are new here and have no idea to what I am referring, may I direct you to the ‘Love letters’ section of this blog?


The artwork and characters featured in this strip are my personal IP and may not be reproduced or distributed without my express permission. ©2018












The shortest distance

Between two points

Is no distance

If gravity tugs

If you begin to drift

Remember the string

That warm red thread

tied at each end

Around your soul and mine


And reel in

that shimmering fish

Of rainbow scales

My wandering mind

Don’t fear the labyrinth

Lie down here beside me

I’ll encircle you

Pull you closer

And get lost in you again.



Words and image are my own.




Ship of fools


I guess this is the same deal as last time. A little four-pager that will probably never see the light of day if I don’t put it up here.

This one’s a gruesome little SF tale of human exploitation on some distant, godforsaken world.


Caravan page 1a colour lr

Caravan page 2 colour lr

Caravan page 3 colour lr

Caravan page 4 colour lr



The story and characters in this graphic story are the exclusive IP of the creator and may not be reproduced in any form without the express permission of same.


If you sleep always like this




This town where Jersey girl and I currently live is tiny, really tiny. It is more properly a village than a town. It was officially established as a turnpike village around 1806, however, tucked away in an almost forgotten corner is the original cemetery dating back to the mid 1700’s.

I’ve visited the spot once before back in the Summer but it was so overgrown with bushes and Ivy that it was hard to read the inscriptions on a lot of the stones. I remember thinking that this was a cemetery that kept its secrets well.

As I mentioned in the last post, my son has been visiting with us from Melbourne and a few days ago he and I went back to the small cemetery to take some photographs. Upon arrival, we discovered that the place had been considerably cleared since the Summer.

It was much easier to gain access to the stones and we quickly discovered something quite amazing. This tiny place holds the remains of not one but five soldiers of the Revolutionary War.

This was a great surprise to me. Even today the village population is far less than two thousand. At the time of the Revolution, this wasn’t even a settlement, just a collection of scattered farms. And yet, somehow, we have five graves of men who fought in (and survived) the great war for independence.











We even have a soldier born on the 4th of July.




Words and images are my own.



The Cascades



My son is currently visiting us from Melbourne and we’ve really been enjoying showing him around the county (it’s actually his third time here but there’s always more to see). He really seems to love the place (not to mention our proximity to both NYC and Philly).

Yesterday, he and I took a hike along the Columbia trail in High Bridge. I’d never done the walk in winter and was amazed by how different it all looked.

Several times along the way we came across little patches of wonder. I don’t think I ever realised before how beautiful mere frozen water could be.























The ice was very thick.


Rather than retrace our footsteps, we followed the Raritan River back to High Bridge.


Words and images are my own.








10:15 Saturday night


I’m throwing this short-form piece I did years (decades) ago up here because I’ve just recently coloured it and, if I don’t put it up, I’ll probably never do anything with it. It was my attempt at a more punk graphic style and as such, I think it works quite well.

The Melbourne in which it was set is now largely gone (drowned beneath a wave of bearded hipsters and designer beers) but I think the theme is probably still universal.

Anyway, here it is.


Obsession 1 lr.jpg

Obsession 2 lr

Obsession 3 lr

Obsession 4 lr


The story and characters in this graphic story are the exclusive IP of the creator and may not be reproduced in any form without the express permission of same.