White Winter Hymnal


Is he back? Who knows? It’s been a long (and eventful) absence. I may be speaking to dead air by now. Every now and then I’ve dropped in to see how you are all getting on but the urge to write anything creative has been.. absent. And so the blog has languished and probably been forgotten, it might be for the best. Do I have anything left to say? Did I ever have anything to say?

That’s not for me to judge.

Frankly, I’m working too damned hard these days in truly menial labour to care all that much.

One piece of news may be of interest to some of you, we’re leaving Jersey. Yes, our time here has come to an end. As of the very near future, we’ll be calling Lancaster PA home. I’m excited by the prospect. Lancaster UK is actually where my family originates on my grandmother’s side and there are many symbolic connections to be found in this very pretty city in the heart of Amish country.

Perhaps the move will inspire some posts.

In the meantime, here’s a piece I wrote standing on a train platform after a night spent unloading a truck full of Christmas crap.



Cold early morning in Bridgewater


Down the tracks, under the overpass

A doe crosses

Proud silhouette in the backlit white cloud

Of her steaming breath


All unaware

As the train from New York

Appears silently in the distance

Made insubstantial

By the haze of morning’s mist

The deer declines to shift from the trackside

Nosing her way through the glistening weeds

I wait for the blast from the driver’s horn

But the train bears down with mesmeric rhythms

More seductive than startling

The deer if she has noticed

Remains unharried


Then, as anticipation hangs in the chill

That horn blares

And the deer



Bounded by grace


The train speaks its language of power

The deer remains eloquently silent

I stand in awe

Of the unrepeatable moment.


Words and image are my own.






19 thoughts on “White Winter Hymnal

  1. Nice image, meaning the above photo, AND the deer & train. Wait, there’s more …my son and future wife and family moved from North Jersey, to NYC, to Hoboken, to Malvern PA., to North Jersey, back to Malvern Pa , and now … to Mountain Lakes , NJ. So in some cases moving is just part of the big game ! M 🙂

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    1. I’ve certainly done enough of it in my life. I’m not saying we’ll never come back but Jersey girl has a good job in PA now so we’re there for as long as she decides to stay. We’re still close enough to visit when we like and the truth is we simply can’t afford Jersey.

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  2. Well, I was going to ask why but I see your answer. I was just out at lunch with a friend who’s originally from Jersey (Montclair) and she tawks like Cyndy Lauper. She told me she’d go back in a heartbeat but her husband likes New Hampshire. My buddy Steve lives in Hatboro, PA about an hour from Lancaster. Amish country. We went there last time I was down there. New Hope is a trendy area but a bit of a ride for you. Anyway, good luck. I’ll give you Steve’s phone number. That way you can get together and compare notes on what you like about me. Nice poem BTW. Glad to see the gears turning.

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    1. Very familiar with New Hope. If we’re talking about the one on the Delaware. It’s actually not far from where we are currently. I’ve fallen a bit in love with Lancaster, very historic, very community minded. I think I’m ready for the change.


  3. Ah, your new home. Can’t help but wonder how Diamond Jackie feels about the change. After all, Jersey is her hometown. It’s her hometown. It’s her.. home.. town. (Sorry, got a little carried away there.)


    1. It was Jersey girl that instigated the change. She got a good job nearby in Reading and we had to move closer. I was able to transfer my shitty job here to Lancaster, so, I guess it was meant to be. Communing with the Amish is now a thing for us.


      1. I’m thinking of the movie ‘Witness.’ Well, thou shouldst it find it quite interesting. And I didn’t want to say it while you were there but my sources advise me the place she came from is a deathtrap, a suicide rap, etc.

        Reading has go-kart racing. I went out there a few times with my buddy Steve who is a car guy and used to go racing in the streets. (Oops, er, again, sorry about that.) 🙂

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