I’ve done all the dumb things


Lost and found


Sometimes, rarely

In the first moments of the sun

I forget everything

Clean slate

Even she is not in her usual place

I panic a little

Reaching for my name

And then the flooding memories swirl in

The rising tide of all that has been

My life

And I see it most clearly

She is the diamond in the dirt

And I

Am the dirt

Then the wonder takes shape again

And the same old puzzlement

What does she see in me?








7 thoughts on “I’ve done all the dumb things

  1. CB hasn’t popped in for a while but when I do I find Paul Kelly. Was wondering if you were going to feature him. “Under The Sun’ was CB”s first intro to PK. Instantly hooked on his music. Great, great album. (Does this guy write a bad song?). Fortunate to see him a few times. I always thought he was a kindred spirit to Springsteen. I just had a PK listening jag a while back. Never a bad thing. Say hi to Paul for me.

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    1. He and I only meet at traffic incidents. I am listening to leaps and bounds as I type this, though. He’s a national treasure and no, he doesn’t have a bad song. The Springsteen comparison is certainly valid.


  2. Don’t always comment but i dig your blog. You have a few “national treasures” but CB is claiming them for a while. (Nick isn’t to shabby either. Love ‘The Proposition’ great flick). Keep spreading the good news. More people should know Kelly’s work. Later Jersey

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