The bends




It still amazes me

How insubstantial life can seem

When she’s living a different one

In another world

I look at the towers of the city

Bouncing the sun’s bright morning glare into my eyes

The seagulls squabbling over a dropped fry on the platform

The overloaded school kids massed in cacophonous mobs

Life’s in full swing, overflowing

But it’s just a movie

There’s nothing here I can touch

And nothing here touches me

A movie set on the ocean floor

I’m a deep sea diver

Sealed in a helmet with just a fragile hose to the surface

She waits anxiously in the boat

Bobbing on the membrane between our worlds

I gaze about me at this lost city of submariners

Where I’m nothing now but an interloper

And wait impatiently to be reeled in

When I’m back above

She’ll crack my helmet

And I’ll breathe the sweet uncompressed air

Of a world where I belong.










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